Donation Requests

Donation Requests

Menarini supports associations through donations. If you are an association or other entity, and would like to request a donation from Menarini for one or more of your projects, please submit your request(s) to the following address:

As a reminder, a donation is a form of financial support provided without any direct compensation from the recipient.

A Donation Committee meets regularly to review requests. Incomplete applications will not be presented to the Committee. Additional information may be requested. At the end of the hearing, a formal response will be sent to you.
Applications must be submitted using the form below, together with all supporting documents:

- A written request for a donation on the association's letterhead, specifying the project, the overall budget for the project, and the amount requested from Menarini;
- Bank account details (RIB) or French public treasury details ("Trésor Public");
- SIRENE (French Computerized System for the Register of Companies and their Establishments) form for healthcare establishments.
In the case of an association or other entity, the following documents must be provided:

- The association's bylaws, signed, and dated no more than three (3) years prior. If the bylaws are more than three years old, the president of the association must certify on their honor that the bylaws are still up to date;
- Bank account details (RIB) or French public treasury details ("Trésor Public");
- A copy of the publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic ("Journal Officiel");
- A declaration to the French Prefecture;
- If the association is of public utility, any document(s) enabling this status to be established;
- A copy of downloadable form below, duly completed.

The recipient must ensure that all the documents provided are up to date.