Social Commitment

Social Commitment

Menarini France is conscious that the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria within its business model is essential in order to create sustainable value, and is thus committed to a structured sustainability approach.
As a member of LEEM (French pharmaceutical company organization "Les Entreprises du Médicament"), Menarini fully complies with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach championed by LEEM through its "PACTES" plan.

Menarini France believes its reputation should reflect its philosophy. We are thus committed to progressively increasing our contribution to all the areas of improvement recommended by the PACTES plan, and consider the three following levers as our priorities.

1 - Supply We must continue to safeguard the procurement and supply of medication by striving to reduce the number of essential pharmaceuticals that are out of stock and improving the distribution of information surrounding supply issues.

2 - Collective strength We must contribute to the development of an inclusive society by focusing on diversity hiring practices, supporting carers and people impacted by their health in order to ensure their jobs are secure, and reinforcing our gender equality policy.

3 - Strategy We must make the most of our CSR policy in service of our corporate strategy by implementing a governance that allows for its integration, and raising awareness among all our employees of the importance of this CSR approach. * Leem is the professional organization of pharmaceutical companies operating in France. It is the interlocutor of political decision-makers with numerous national, European and international bodies, and is a driving force behind proposals to promote the industry and support it in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

EcoVadis assessment

We requested an assessment from EcoVadis, whose objective is to reliably rate companies' CSR performance based on four key categories:

- Environment
- Labor and Human Rights
- Ethics
- Sustainable Procurement

Upon its initial assessment, Menarini France was awarded the EcoVadis bronze medal with a final score of 54/100. This places Menarini France among the top third of companies within our industry rates by EcoVadis.

Menarini is taking action

Novalac x Téléthon

Laboratoires Novalac has been helping parents in the context of the French Téléthon since 2008.

They have been raising awareness among young parents and pharmacists via a campaign on their Novalac 2/3 and Novalac Bio 2/3 milk formulas. €1 is donated for every purchase (up to 25,000 units sold, while stocks last).

Salary rounding
Menarini has partnered with the socially-conscious company microDON. Employees are given the opportunity to round their salary down to the nearest euro every month, and the excess is donated automatically and directly from their pay slip. An endowment fund then transfers these donations to the charity of Menarini's choosing: "Coucou Nous Voilou". This charity designs IV and chemotherapy bag covers, all decked out in famous cartoon and superhero themes, allowing children and teenagers to better handle and deal with their infusions and treatments.

Disability policy

Menarini France is committed to developing a work environment that is mindful of people with disabilities.

In order to truly realize this ambition, our Disability Correspondent Nathalie Andrade can offer a number of solutions to help improve your quality of life at work, including:

- Optimizing and reorganizing your workstation;
- Ergonomically adapting your vehicle;
- Other solutions through the disability contribution tax collection agency "HandiEM".

Fondation du Souffle
Menarini supports Fondation du Souffle, an organization specializing in research, awareness-raising campaigns, and philanthropic activities relating to respiratory diseases.
This partnership allows us to support their mission to bring preventive actions and information about the association into the public eye, notably thanks to:

- The "Activ' ton souffle" ("Catch your breath") program as part of its asthma and COPD campaign;
- Days dedicated to respiratory patients;
- Participation in the Urban Trail charity run.

Our environmental commitments

Fighting for the environment, our most precious shared asset
Clean and safe energy in France thanks to ecological upgrades.

In the 21st century, the energy economy and its independent production should be among every company's primary objectives. It is certainly the case for Menarini France, and we have thus launched a campaign of ecological upgrades. This project includes the installation of a large number of photovoltaic panels, covering a vast stretch of the building's roof and producing a great amount of solar energy. We have also replaced our traditional lighting systems with LED lights, allowing for extensive energy savings and a smaller impact on the environment.

Menarini France's initiatives for the environment

Limiting water consumption
As reducing water consumption is a real environmental challenge, we opted to replace the plumbing throughout our head office with a new system of automatic infrared-sensor faucets. When the sensors detect the presence of a person's hands, the solenoid valve is switched on, which in turn opens the faucets. This thereby reduces water waste.

Raising awareness
In keeping with our ecologically friendly approach, we encourage all our employees to limit their use of paper. We have also reinforced our recycling initiative by providing easily identifiable battery recycling containers for used batteries.

Zone Icade, the ideal location

The Menarini France head office is located within the Icade industrial zone in Rungis, and is ISO 14001-certified.

This certification is obtained through compliance with an international environmental standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system in order to minimize the impact of operations on the environment.
Compliance with the requirements of this standard calls for an environmental management system to include:

- an environmental analysis allowing for a report on the activities carried out, the regulations applicable thereto, and the environmental impact thereof;
- an environmental policy including a continuous improvement process, a pollution prevention act, and compliance with applicable environmental regulations, legislation, and any other requirements to which the organization has subscribed;
- the necessary organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes, and resources to elaborate, undertake, implement, review, and maintain the organization's environmental policy.