Quality of Promotional Claims

Quality of Promotional Claims

As concluded between the French Economic Committee for Health Products and LEEM (French pharmaceutical company organization "Les Entreprises du Médicament") on October 15, 2014, the Charter on information provided for the promotion of medicinal products through canvassing and prospecting replaces the Charter governing the activities of medical sales representatives, and reinforces the quality of promotional claims regarding pharmaceuticals and their correct usage. The French National Authority for Health (Haute Autorité de Santé) has presented the requirements of this Charter in the form of operational criteria in a Certification standard.


Compliance with this Charter and the Certification standard is assessed and audited on an annual basis by accredited bodies. This certification is mandatory for all companies in charge of promoting medicinal products. AFNOR Certification audits Menarini France every year to verify the proper application of the Charter and compliance with the criteria defined in the Certification standard. The most recent certificate issued by AFNOR Certification to Menarini France is available below.

The Quality of Promotional Claims Policy is at the heart of Menarini France's priorities, and ratifies our commitment to providing quality information about our medicinal products, to promoting their correct usage by healthcare professionals, and to guaranteeing the ethical practices of our Medical Sales Representatives in their interactions with healthcare professionals. Ever-attentive to the quality of the information provided to healthcare professionals and to our compliance with the rules and regulations of deontology, Menarini France has integrated the changes elicited by this new Charter into its everyday operations in order to reinforce the expertise of its Medical Sales Representatives.

Menarini France Medical Sales Representatives are always available to our network of healthcare professionals, to present the rules and regulations of deontology applicable to promotional claims.

Certificat 2023 Menarini France

In order to comply with the Charter on information provided for the promotion of medicinal products through canvassing and prospecting, the MENARINI laboratories are open and attentive to all your comments and remarks concerning the quality of the information provided by our Medical Sales Representatives.

With this in mind, we provide a contact form for your comments and remarks.